Earthquake Pioneer Dual Direction Tiller
Earthquake Pioneer Dual Direction Tiller
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Earthquake Pioneer Dual Direction Tiller

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Earthquake Pioneer Dual Direction Tiller
It fits neatly between the large dual direction rear tines and the
mid-sized front tines. It performs big-sized tiller jobs in a tight,
efficient, right-weight package. In other words, it’s the perfect fit.
Of all its notable features, the custom-designed centerline gear
drive transmission is the biggest stand-out. Additionally, it features
a proven sod-busting engine. Even with this power, the
Pioneer is mild mannered and stable. The engine is oriented on
the chassis in-line with the transmission. This architecture makes
it possibly the most balanced rear tine tiller on the market. It also
features super-wide air-less wheels with claw lugs gripping the
soil and lending added stability. The dual-grip handle bars are
positioned to give gardeners optimum control to navigate each
plant row.

Eliminates tendency for tipping,naturally balanced front-to-rear, lower center of gravity, instant reverse, smooth no-cuss shifting.

Allows the user to walk on
either side of the tiller and
operate one-handed

Most dual direction rear
tine tillers with reverse
need to be shifted. Our’s
goes into reverse simply
by pulling the handle.

Not only will the super-wide
air-less wheels never go Flat, they have seriously aggressive lugs for clawing at the dirt for maximum traction.

When rear tine tillers start to dig, the engine tilts upward. On the Pioneer,
the engine remains closer to level because of its tine axle orientation.

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