Know How To Design Your Very Own Fairy Garden

A fairy garden can be a delightful, whimsical addition to your landscape. These miniature scenes add a mystical element to your garden and can be enjoyed by young and old. If you have seen cute ideas for how to do this project but have been hesitant about trying it yourself, do not put it off any longer. Consider these easy tips for getting started on creating an adorable DIY fairy garden that is uniquely yours. To get started, you can simply choose a good spot for it, get together what you need and follow your imagination.

Pick a Location

The first step in creating your fairy garden is to decide where to put it. There are numerous places that you can put your fairy garden. Many of them go in containers, while some are placed directly in a flower bed. You can put one around the base of a tree or even inside if you wish. Find a location where the garden can get plenty of sunlight for the flowers in it, and make sure that it is in a location that you can enjoy often. You also want to be able to water the flowers in your fairy garden easily and often.

Gather Supplies

More and more stores have fairy garden supplies available. You can find what you need at craft shops, building supply stores and even some discount stores. There is no limit on the imaginative things you can buy for your fairies, ranging from benches to mushroom houses to small fountains. If you are doing this project with your children, let each of them pick out one unique item for the fairy garden. You also need to get potting soil, plants, pebbles, moss and any other trinkets you may want.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Now the most fun part begins: assembling your garden. Fill up your container or chosen area with potting soil, plant your flowers and then add your fairies and accessories. You can change out your items seasonally or leave it as a spring and summer treat. Involving children in this part of the process can be very rewarding. They are able to learn organizational skills, gardening skills and team-building skills all in this one simple project. Your children can also discover that certain things must be maintained over time to stay both functional and enjoyable.

A fairy garden can become a serene place for you to enjoy and for your children to play in. Have fun doing this project and creating a fairies' home to keep going for many seasons to come. Always be sure to check your garden for any fairies that may be fluttering around; you never know when one might take up permanent residence.