Know How to Properly Cut Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn may seem like a simple endeavor, but getting it to thrive requires the best grass cutting techniques. By following these techniques, you can maximize safety and efficiency and have your lawn looking like it was done by a professional.

Safety Tips

Mowers are heavy and use whirling blades, so it is important to take precautions to avoid accidental injury. You can reduce the likelihood of the mower slipping or rolling down a hill if you mow sideways along a hill's slope instead of up or down it. Debris sometimes shoots up from the blades, so you should protect your eyes with sunglasses. Always be aware of who is around you and pay special attention to where your pets or small children are. Protect your feet by wearing closed-toe shoes when you mow.

Grass Cutting the Right Way

Having a good mower is the first step to grass cutting success. It only takes about one tune-up per year, though you should get your mower's blades sharpened at the first sign of wear.

Your lawn itself can re-use the clippings from a fresh mow, as long as they are not too long. If you mow your lawn frequently, the little clippings left behind will break down and help to nourish the soil. But wait too long, and the long clipping will smother the lawn.

If you have just planted fresh sod, you should wait about two-to-three weeks before mowing that area. This will give the grass time to root and prevent you from accidentally tearing up sod. You can test the area by walking on it after grass has sprung up. If it is firm and has no give, it should be fine to mow.

Another important aspect of grass cutting is knowing when your grass needs it. It is better to observe your lawn and the grass every day and decide when it needs a cut, rather than sticking to a recurring schedule. This is because there is seasonal variance in grass-growth. In the summer your lawn may not need a cut but once every couple of weeks, whereas in the spring it may require as much as two cuts per week.

Other strategies to enhance your mowing include varying your pattern so you don't work ruts into the land, waiting for the grass to get dry to get an even trim and setting your mower at a higher height so as to give the grass blades enough length to sustain themselves. If you need the best lawn-care supplies or more personalized grass cutting advice, check out our website. At Scott, we have everything you need to make your lawn stand out.