Know The Benefits of Using a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels have become extremely popular over the past several years. Drive through just about any neighborhood and you are likely to see at least one. There is good reason for this. Rainwater harvesting is a simple process that will reap a number of benefits with little effort on your part.

How Do They Work?

The construction of the container is no more complex than how it works! They are designed to capture rain from your gutters through a rainwater gutter attachment kit, diverter kit or even just a piece of flexible tubing. The rain barrel has an opening into which the water flows and is stored until you are ready to use it.

When you need water, a spigot at the base of the container provides easy access with your garden hose. The barrel can fill up quickly, so unless you have a gutter diverter, the water pouring into the drum will continue. Depending on the type, some containers will have an overflow spout at the top, while in others, the rain will flow over the opening at the top.

What Are the Benefits?

Your rainwater harvest offers numerous benefits for you and for the environment. Here are three big ones:

  1. Freshwater supply:Your rain barrel will collect fresh water for you to use on your garden and indoor plants. Be careful, however, in using the water for your fruit and vegetable plants, as there is no filtering system included. You can also use the water for miscellaneous jobs, such as cleaning your car and outdoor furniture.
  2. Soil erosion prevention:When rainwater runs off from your roof and through a downspout, the force of the flow can cause soil erosion. Collecting the rain in a container prevents erosion for the locations you have one installed. This can save valuable topsoil for plants, as well as protect your foundation.
  3. Water conservation: Using a rain barrel is a great way to conserve water! Rainwater that flows from your gutters tends to run off into storm drains, rather than getting absorbed back into the ground. Instead, when you apply it to your garden, you are enabling better soil absorption, while also reducing the amount of city water your household consumes. As an added bonus, it will also save you money on your water bill!

Collecting rainwater for household use isn't just a trend, it is also a great way to access fresh water, reduce soil erosion and conserve a valuable resource. You can feel good knowing that you are helping your pocketbook, while also being kind to the environment.