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Rack Stacker has grown to be
Canada's Leading Big Game Attractants by providing the highest quality of
ingredients. By roasting the ingredients, we have allowed the feed to be
sweeter and easily digested by the deer. The intense apple flavoring can be
smelt from a miles and bring curious game in to find its source. The feed is
highly sought after when the snow flies and can be used as a year-round feed
source for keeping the deer healthy and in the area that you choose. Our apple
flavoring is intense and will get the smell out there for an even more
successful feeding program.

The Auto Feeder Mix was designed
specifically for auto feeders (gravity/electric feeders) 


Rack Stacker, since 2007 has
strived to make the highest of quality in feed and ingredients to ensure the
health of the herd as well as the most successful product available on the
market. Rest assured, that the deer will not only love the auto feed but will
thrive on it throughout the feeding season.

You should be aware that
Rumenitis is a very serious issue when feeding whitetail deer. Rapid
fermentation of CORN in the stomach can lead to illness and death. In the
wintertime, deer can consume too much in high carbohydrates and with the lack
of water consumption, leads to poor digestion in the guts and could rot before
its digested. This is referred to as Rumenitis. Rack Stacker is a balanced feed
that was designed specifically for the purpose of winter-feeding whitetail deer
since 2004.

The Rack Stacker Guy, Steve Elmy
has spent 24 years in animal nutrition and has developed all the branded
products to be safely consumed by wild game animals to lead to a healthy life.
Rack Stacker strives to educate the safe feeding of game to all of its

Many other great products are
available to aid in the health of the herd year around.

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