Starter Pro(TM) - 12 V - 700 A
$ 135 Each
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The Boostmi® Pro(TM) jump starts 12 V batteries with a peak of 700amps. Included Smart Cables which protect against short-circuits, overcharges and discharges. Also able to charge electronic devices through two USB ports and compatible attachments (Lightining cable, 30-pin cable, micro USB cable). Charges laptops through 19 V output, it includes laptop charging adapters. The starter also features a 100 Lumens LED flash light with 3 lighting modes (steady, strobe, SOS). Charges to a full charge in 6 hours and retains state of charge for 6 months if unused. Most portable jump starter unit capable of starting 12 V vehicle batteries found in recreational vehicles such as ski-doos, sea-doos, motorcycles, ATVs, 4x4s as well as cars and trucks. Charges your electronic devices fast with a 2.1 A output. 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Model :Pro
Component :Plastic
Color :Matte black
Amperage :Maximum 700
Voltage :12 V
Warranty :1-year warranty