Floor Heating Cable - 339.4' - 1300 W - 240 V - White
$ 496 Each
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Ideal for any room of the house, especially difficult to heat spots, this 339.4' heating cable is compatible with most floor coverings and makes more space available for furniture and interior decor elements. Silent, economical, safe. Easy to install (cable spacer or uncoupling membrane installation). Flexible, easy-to-handle cable. Provides optimal comfort by heating from the floor up. Complete kit, including: heating cable, glue sticks, cable spacers and installation guide. This product is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Style :Warm floor
Type :Heating cable
Component :Polymer
Color :White
Length :339.4' (103.45 m)
Voltage :240 V
Wattage :1300 W
Included :Heating cable, glue sticks, cable spacers, installation guide
Warranty :25-year limited warranty