Jigsaw Blade Set - Carbon Steel - Black - 10-Pack
9 .99 Each
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Ace jigsaw blade saw set. Contains 5 blades with a 71 mm length, 4 blades with a 79 mm length and 1 blade with a 100 mm length. This set includes : 14 TPI (cuts metal and plastic with 3/16"-1/4" thickness), 18 TPI (cuts metal with 1/8"- 3/16" thickness), 24 TPI (cuts metal with 1/16"- 1/8" thickness), 2-6 TPI (fast, rough and cuts wood with 1/2" thickness), 2-10TPI (fast, rough and cuts wood with 1/2" thickness), 2-12 TPI (fine, scroll and cuts wood, plastic and laminates) and 10 TPI (smooth and clean cut wood).