Natural Gas Water Heater - 40 Gallons US - Atmospheric
$ 667 Each
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The atmospheric residential water heater from Giant® features the FVIR technology and a 38,000 BTU burner. The interior of the tank is coated with a blue cobalt glass enhanced with zircon, a feature unique to Giant®. It is equipped with a stainless steel flame controller and a manual re-engagement thermal switch. Its high-quality magnesium anode offers greater protection against the corrosive effects of water. In addition, its GreenFoam® ecological foam insulation contains no HCFCs, CFCs nor VOCs. This water heater requires a chimney. This product is manufactured in Canada and is covered by a six (6) year limited warranty against leaks and parts from the date of installation.

Model :Atmospheric, requires no electricity
Energy Star :Yes
Type :Gas Water Heater
Color :White
Diameter :20.5" (60 cm)
Height :48 3/8" (123 cm)
Total BTUs :38 000 BTU
Capacity :40 gal.
Warranty :Six (6) year limited warranty against leaks and on component parts from date of installation
Commercial/Residential :Residential