Programmable Thermostat - 2,500 W
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The new °STELPRO STE252NP single programming electronic thermostat is the thermostat of choice if you don't need more than a 2,500 W capacity. It can control electronic convectors, electric baseboards and other heating units (including forced-air units) with precision. Good for small and medium-sized rooms such as the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. Display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. 3-year warranty.

Accuracy :Accurate ambient temperature control of ± 0.1 °C ( 0.18 °F)
Temperature Range :Between 3 and 30 °C (37 to 86 °F)
Type :Electronic thermostat
Model :Programmable
Component :Moulded plastic
Color :White
Voltage :240 V
Wattage :2,500 W
Warranty :3-year warranty
Packaging :Chaque