Motor Oil - Synthetic - 0W-20 - 946 mL
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Valvoline(TM) full synthetic with 0W-20 MaxLife Technology is specially formulated to provide maximum engine protection against friction and wear. Through its advanced formulation, it supplies proven wear protection additives that hold up to high temperatures and friction under the most severe driving conditions. In addition, it has extra detergents that provide maximum sludge and deposit protection. It is specially formulated for higher mileage engines and its special seal conditioner helps reduce consumption. It is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils plus special additives to help fight the effects of aging and to help increase the life of your engine. This oil meets the newly adopted API SN PLUS classification, protecting GDI engines from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). Its extra detergent and dispersant help reduce deposits, slude and varnish formation.

Type :Synthetic motor oil
Model :0W-20
Size :946 mL
Packaging :Each