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Meet Buttercup - The Little Boler Camper that Sparked a Craze
A Boler camper may be old – built between 1968 and 1988 – but it attracts attention. The rounded shape is at odds with today’s steep angles and odd corners. It looks like the camper that would fit with a child’s picture of a house. In an age of houses on wheels for holidays, a Boler trailer is for camping.
How to Care for your Camper
The crisp mornings and changing colours of fall mean it’s time to show the RV a little care so winter doesn’t leave nasty surprises in spring. Even if you use your camper year round, some chores need to be done in fall.
How to Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil
Why make the switch to a full synthetic oil? Many people wonder about the benefits that come from using synthetic motor oil, especially since they notice the price tag is slightly higher than conventional motor oil.