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Know the Importance of Unplugging from Technology and how to do it
Canada is amazing. We have maple syrup, open prairies, and Nanaimo bars. We are also one of the most wired countries in the world. According to Statistics Canada’s Internet and Digital Technology study, “Nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 use the Internet every day.” All the technology that has become commonplace can create technostress, feelings of anxiety or stress caused when dealing with computers, cell phones, navigation devices, e-readers, and all the other gadgets that have invaded our lives.
Know how Hearing Protection is used and its Importance
Before we got our farm, I had purchased a sweet little lawn tractor that made less noise than a sewing machine. With winter coming, it was time to cover up and a cab was purchased and installed. Along with the protection from the elements came an increase in noise and a ringing that developed in my ears to the point that hearing protection was now part of my equipment, while in use.
Know how to cut the cord
Cordless tools have taken over for small hand tools like drills. Now, new battery technology has made cordless tools more powerful and more convenient than ever and made the workplace safer. Old style cordless tools just didn’t have the torque to be as powerful as a corded or a gas-powered version. This resulted in having to go back to the shop or bringing extension cords or generators to the site, along with the tripping and other hazards this creates. New batteries and related technologies are leading a revolution on jobsites, around homes and on farms.
How to Use Inverters
Inverter Generators are the portable solution to getting power more conveniently and efficiently. With digital inverters, power spikes are a thing of the past, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive circuits or ruining any of your electronics. You’ll never have to be concerned with a low battery light again!