The key to a lovely garden is matching healthy plants to the unique climate of your place, starting with strong healthy plants. Peavey Mart plants, grown in Alberta, fit the bill. 
 “I grow the plants that do well in Western Canada – the tried and true favourites and new varieties developed for the area,” says Rob Visser of Meadowbrook Greenhouses. “My favourites are the old-fashioned ones – pansies, snapdragons, and petunias. There are others too, but we focus on plants that can take the prairie weather and still look good. And we work hard to have strong plants that adapt quickly to life in the garden, after their cosseted life in the greenhouse.” Peavey Mart stores bring in well-started annuals, herbs, vegetables and shrubs, all grown in Western Canada. Visser is also supplying complete planters of annuals or shrubs, including succulents – a new trend that can be really impressive. 
 “A planter can be spectacular – bringing a real Wow factor to a patio or entrance,” he says. Some of his planters include herbs like rosemary and lavender, with the annual flowers. Others are made up of tomatoes, beets, onions, carrots and herbs. 
 “I’m a big fan of edibles in the garden,’ says Visser. “Growing herbs and vegetables in your garden or in a planter makes it so easy to include them in your meals. It makes such a difference to have fresh-cut herbs, as you’re cooking. Fresh herbs and vegetables make a huge difference to a meal – they’re part of healthy eating.” 
 Fruit may be the best of garden edibles, and this year Peavey Mart will have everbearing strawberries as well as the traditional June-bearing type. All are produced from bare root stock for good health, and will be ready to bloom by May. 
 Traditional fruits like rhubarb, gooseberry, raspberry and saskatoons never go out of style. But the hardy sour cherries developed at Saskatoon make great pies and are beautiful in blossom. Haskaps, (also called honeyberries) are tasty right off the bush. 
 Peavey Mart also has a wide selection of vines that do well on the prairies: thumbergia, scarlet runner beans, morning glory, lab-lab or hyacinth bean and hops, which have attractive foliage and may encourage beer-makers to try gardening. 
 Visser is a huge fan of gardening for the whole family, getting away from the iPads and other screens, to enjoy digging in the dirt together. “Gardens add colour to your life. It’s healthy, relaxing, stress relief. It’s great family time. You can talk as you work.”