Does your water have an odd taste or smell? Hard water can cause these and other effects. Learn more about the problems of having hard water, the benefits water softener systems provide and how you can enjoy clean, refreshing water.

What Is a Water Softener?

The appliance is an efficient system to improve your hard water and provide you with soft water, which offers you many benefits. Hard water is simply water with high levels of minerals. Magnesium, calcium, iron and other minerals can collect in your water. Small amounts are not a problem, but large quantities of minerals can stain your fixtures, clog your pipes and produce unpleasant odors; hence, this is why to use a water softener.

A water softener uses ion exchange to swap out hard minerals and creates soft water. The process is hassle-free once you have a professional install a unit in your home. Here are some of the many benefits you'll receive.

Soft water has a trace amount of sodium. This is part of the ion exchange process. However, you won't have to worry about a salty taste or health issues with your soft water. The amount of sodium is far less than saltwater and will taste far better than water with calcium or magnesium deposits.

Long-Lasting Plumbing Systems

Scaly buildup is not only unpleasant in your sink and shower, but it can cause issues in your plumbing system. Your hot water is typically the first place it will begin to collect. If you've noticed a change in the temperature or pressure of your water, you may need to have your water heater repaired.

Hard water can also cause buildup throughout your pipes. At first this will only reduce the flow of your water, but over time it can completely clog fixtures or your entire system. Avoid costly repair services by keeping your pipes and hot water heater clear from messy buildup. A water softener prevents these issues by reducing the amount of minerals in your water.

Reduced Maintenance Bills

Has your utility bill spiked in recent months? You may be paying extra to heat your water. Mineral buildup in a hot water heater dramatically reduces its efficiency. Over time, this can completely prevent your heating elements from working effectively. Reduce your energy bills by restoring your water heater and avoiding further mineral buildup.

Once you install your water softener, you may be surprised with the decrease in energy usage. If you do not experience a lower bill for your hot water, have a licensed plumber inspect your water heater and remove any scale from the heating elements. This should restore full power to your water heater and allow you to enjoy long-lasting, energy-efficient hot water throughout your home.

Improved Laundry and Shower Cleaning

Hard water can leave your hair feeling dull and dry. It can also irritate your skin and prevent your laundry from feeling fresh and clean. A water softener can restore the clean feeling to your hair, skin and clothes by removing minerals that prevent soap from lathering. This makes soap build-up on your clothing and hair, which can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Magnesium and calcium are common culprits for these irritating side effects of hard water. Ditch them with a softener, and boost the lathering power of your favorite soap and shampoo.

Reduced Cleaning Time

Just like your shower and your washing machine, your dishwasher and sink are probably suffering from hard water. Scale on your dishes or a lack of suds in your sink are signs of this pesky problem. When no amount of elbow grease can clean a stubborn stain, it is time to to fix the issue and install a soft water appliance. This will not only prevent a buildup of scale on your dishes, but reduce the time and effort required to scrub and clean.

Learn More About Water Softening

Now that you know why to use a water softner for your hard water, it's time to shop for a model. The latest water softening systems are powerful, affordable and reliable for years to come. Shop today to learn more about water softening, and find a quality model for less. Work with a professional to enjoy a hassle-free installation and the benefits of clean, convenient water in your home.